viernes, 2 de abril de 2004

Aguante la ficción – TV y Bush I

Aguante la ficción – TV y Bush I

Si no me acuerdo mal, fue María del Carmen Valenzuela la que dijo, al recibir un Martín Fierro, “aguante la ficción,carajo” (creo que en respuesta a una polémica con la “Gran Hermana” Soledad Silveyra”.

Nunca más actual la frase. El New York Times de hoy tiene una historia sobre las críticas a la administración Bush que pueden verse en las series de televisión (

El artículo comienza diciendo que:

“Galvanized politically in ways they have not been since the early 1990's, Hollywood's more liberal producers and writers are increasingly expressing their displeasure with President Bush with not only their wallets, but also their scripts”

Por ejemplo, Whoopi Goldberg en su comedia “Whoopi” recibe a un doble del presidente Bush que le pide permiso para utilizar el baño y exclama: "I can't believe he's in there doing to my bathroom what he's done to the economy!"

Más impresionante es el relato sobre lo que ocurre en un episodio de “Law & Order”: “One of the wise-cracking detectives on the NBC show "Law & Order," played by Jesse L. Martin, referred to the president as the "dude that lied to us." The character went on to say, "I don't see any weapons of mass destruction, do you?" His cantankerous partner, played by Jerry Orbach, retorted that Saddam Hussein did have such weapons because the president's "daddy" sold them to a certain someone "who used to live in Baghdad."

Pasando de los guiones a las billeteras, cuenta el NYT que:

“Ms. David and her like-minded peers are putting a lot of money behind the push. She, for one, has given $100,000 to the Media Fund and America Coming Together, Democratic groups using unlimited donations to run television commercials and to motivate voters against the president. Marcy Carsey, whose production house Carsey-Werner-Mandabach produces "Whoopi," has given $500,000 to the Media Fund, federal election records show. Ms. Carsey declined to be interviewed for this article.

On Wednesday night alone, Senator John Kerry's campaign was estimated to have raised $2.5 million at a fund-raising event in Beverly Hills attended by powerful studio executives like Sherry Lansing, the chief executive of Paramount Studios, and stars like the actors Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson. Mr. David, who declined to comment for this article, performed at the fund-raiser. Saying he had a lot in common with the president, Mr. David described himself as "a nincompoop, a chicken and a liar."

Así que no queda más remedio que repetirlo: “aguante la ficción, carajo”.

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