miércoles, 7 de mayo de 2003

Colombia: un país que resiste el canto de sirenas

Phil Stewart, reportero de Reuters, escribió lo siguiente en una parte de un cable de la agencia Reuters:

BOGOTA, Colombia, May 6 (Reuters) - Colombia's government will resist "siren calls" to launch large bond issues, even as Colombian spreads over U.S.
Treasuries narrow to their lowest levels in years, a senior finance ministry official said. Public Credit Director Carlos Alberto Rodriguez told Reuters this week he
would instead focus on improving the nation's debt profile, possibly by extending maturities of about $750 million in bonds currently due by 2008. "There are a lot of siren calls with this spread," Rodriguez told Reuters in an interview. "I personally am not in favor of getting cash just for the sake of it ... I think the market would punish opportunism in cases like this. I think it learned from Argentina," he said.

Los "cantos de sirena", ya se sabe, vienen de los investment bankers a la caza de negocios.

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