lunes, 24 de mayo de 2004

Cita mal usada

En 1932, John Maynard Keynes publicó un panfleto pesimista sobre el estado y las perspectivas de la salud económica del mundo. Aunque los argumentos y la situación eran diferentes, me apropio de su conclusión:
Nothing could be a greater advantage to the world than that the United States should solve her own domestic problems, and, by solving them, provide the stimulus and the example to other countries. But observing from a distance, -- a nearer view of the prospect might modify my pessimism, -- I am unable to imagine a course of events which could restore health to American industry in the near future. I even fancy that, so far from the United States giving the example, she will herself have to wait for stimulus from outside. I, therefore, dare to hope -- however improbable it may seem in the light of recent experience -- that relief may come first of all to Great Britain and the group of overseas countries which look to her for financial leadership. It is a dim hope, I confess. But I discern less light elsewhere.

Una vez más, espero que mi pesimismo sea sólo un producto de una anomalía cognitiva que me lleva a privilegiar la historia reciente (uno de los mejores resúmenes de esto último, dicho sea de paso, es el Rationality for Economists del Nobel McFadden)

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