sábado, 3 de julio de 2004

Una cita de Alan Blinder de 1987... parece de hoy a la mañana

En el blog de Javier Finkman puede leerse la siguiente cita del libro de Alan Blinder llamado Hard Heads, Soft Hearts: Tough-Minded Economics for a Just Society:
Republican economics, as we know, changed dramatically with the election of Ronald Reagan. The stern, Puritan economics of Hoover went out. Feel-good economics came in. But that did not mean that the notorios Republican hard heart had melted; it was, after all, the rich who were supposed to do most of the feeling good. (The hope was that some of their good feeling would trickle down to the poor, who were busy making sacrifices for the rest of us.) The early years of Reagonomics marked instead the abandonment of the celebrated Republican hard head. Where once we got cool-headed rationality, sharp-penciled calculations, and fiscal rectitude, we started to get wishful thinking, rosy scenarios, and unbounded deficits. Thus did Reagonomics offer up the worst of both worlds: a soft head and a hard heart.
Tiene razón Finkman. Parece que lo hubieran escrito hoy.

A lo que yo agregaría: hard heart, soft head, unlawful pockets. La peor combinación posible. Esto, señoras y señores, es la cleptocracia.

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